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08-20-2006, 01:51 PM
Apart the war to the traffic other type of missions were performed by U-Boots in WWII.I remember(and this post is of course,open for everybody):

-Bombardement of Soviet coastal weather and Radio stations.
-Bombardement of the Aruba refinery(aborted after explossion of the cannon barrel)
-Radio relay( a routine job,nothing special here)
-Weather station in the middle of the Atlantic(another routine job,also nothing special here)
-Decoy U-Boot(dangerous job to divert escort of Hunter Killers group far of Wolfpacks aproaching convoys)
-Landing party commandos or sailor patrols(U-331 in North Africa).
-Transport of strategic raw materials and others between the east and Europe(another less routinery job performed specially by the long range IXDs).
-In the same line interchange of technologies transporting prototypes of engines and others between Germany and Japan.
-Transport of Spies,personalities and agents in enemy territory.
-Recovery of Spies and agents in enemy controlled area.
-Refuelling of floaplanes(specially in the Artic)
-Transport of parts,personnel for damaged U-Boots( routine mission, nothing special here).
-Recovery of documents or valuable materials(aborted recovery of the War Diary of Bismarck by Kentratt U-73).
-Rescue missions for downed pilots and sunken ships(Many
examples, "Bismarck","Laconia","Atlantis",Python",etc)
-Recco missions(nothing special ,Wellner U-16 in Scapa Flow access before U-47).

In the field of the science fiction or projects not realised:

-The launch of V-2 missiles from U-Boots
-The refuelling of Luftwaffe planes landing in icebergs to strike New York
-Rockets U-Boots equipped to attack valuable targets

Unlike like the Japanese,Italians or the Royal Navy I have never finded or read about the transport of Pocket Submarines, Human torpedos by standards U-Boots or the transport of "Swimming Commandos"(Hommes Grenouille) like the Royal Navy,Regia Marina or the actuals SEALS of the US Navy .

08-20-2006, 02:34 PM
In fact the launching of rockets from U Boats was realised, I think Celeon posted some pictures or planes of such a project.

U Boats were involved with efforts to land sbotuers on mainland USA, 4 agents on one occasion - but were captured. As well as a plan to help U Boat officers escape from a Canadian POW camp too.