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10-29-2008, 12:45 PM
Hi There.
I have been reading the topics,and i find that GWX crops up a lot in the forum.Being more used to SH11 and upgrading to SH111,its a whole new ball game to me,is this a download or an add-on disc to go with SH 111,my question is what does it do and how do i install it.

10-29-2008, 05:20 PM
Welcome to the forum....you'll like it here...

GWX is a MOD. In other words, a lot of people with more computing knowledge that I will ever possess, have got together and taken apart SH3 and put it back together again in a form that they consider will be better than the original and will be appreciate by the Subsim Community.

At the moment the current version is GWX 2.1...I think. They have however just announced that GWX 3.0 will be relased in December. The MOD is provided 'free' and is usually in the form of a download...can be quite big.

GWX has in the past come as a .exe file which means that it installs itself into the original SH3 game and can only be removed by unistalling the whole game.

Other mods can be installed by using Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler, JSGME...This is installed 'on top' of the original game files and can be removed in literally a matter of minutes.

My suggestion to you would be to learn how to make a copy of your original game and patch it to version 1.4. You could also get to know about Multi SH3 and JSGME so that when GWX 3.0 is released you would be ready for it.

There are other similar 'supermod' available like War Ace Campaign.

On my computer I have

SH4 Stock version
SH4 Wolves of the Pacific with Trigger Maru
SH4 uboat missions with Trigger Maru 1.5

SH3 Stock version
SH3 with GWX 2.1
SH3 with WAC.

Everything you need to know about multiple installs etc can be found on the forum and if you have problems just post again.
Good luck


10-30-2008, 03:30 PM
Hi Maverick.
Many Thanks for the information,it was very interesting to read.having been a fireman on BR, i have spent many years on the Microsoft Train Simulater before moving to SH11 and lastly SH111.i foundthat on the Trainsim there where members who made up thier own routes and activities to put on the Traisim community site at a nominal cost for fellow members. Could this be done for the Silent Hunter fans as add-ons.
Best Regards Theo.

10-31-2008, 04:01 AM
I don't fully understand as to what you mean by Add-ons..but in the forum you will find various MODS that you can download for free which lter the look of various parts of your 'boat'.

The Supermods change the way the game plays and adds lots to the game/sim.

You can try SH3 online, with up to 8 players in SH3. You can just go to the Ubi Lobby on Multiplayer or you can seek out one of the online Flotillas..I am a member at

Wolvesdenflotilla. (http://wolvesdenflotilla.com)

The other main thing to do is to try and complete a full war career in Campaign mode...not easy by any stretch of the imagination.


10-31-2008, 07:51 AM
Hi Maverick.
Iv'e found the download site,but are a bit confused as what to download to start the GWX into SH111 to begin with,could you help me with this please.Like yourself i am a member of the old brigade and computers don't come easy,but i do like to have realistic sims,up to yet SH111 is good but can be improved as time goes on.
Regards Theo.

10-31-2008, 12:48 PM
Yes it can get a bit confusing...so I would start here.

GWX Website (http://thegreywolves.com/)

The press the Version 2.1 Now Available. This will take you to the list of download sites. Use the Kapt Lehman filefront hosts and click that. It will take you to Filefront.

Download GWX2-1 bin to GWX2-7 bin inclusive and GWX2.exe. Create a new folder on your desktop and download them all into that folder. When you have then all, double click the GWX2.exe file and follow the instructions.

In order to keep a 'virgin copy of SH3 you should create a copy.

Go to your Ubisoft/Sh3 folder. Right click it..press copy and paste it into the same Ubisoft folder. As it does you will see that it creates a folder called SH3 copy.

If you are already patched to Version 1.4 then you will finish up with a copy of that file. When it has finished you can rename it to GWX.

Download MULTISH3 (http://www.subsim.com/subsim_files/patches2005_sh3.html).

Place this INTO the Ubisoft/FWX folder that you have just created and run it. It will open a little box with the letters SH3 in. Change them to GWX and press okay. What this does is create a 'saved' game folder in 'My documents' folder. If you check 'My documents' you will see there is already a folder in there called SH3. This allows for saved games from both versions of SH3. The folder for GWX will be created the first time you run the GWX version.

When you have done that then is the time to run the GWX2.exe file that you have spent time downloading. This will install GWX on your computer but you will still have your original version of SH3 as well.

The ubisoft folder is in Hard Drive/Programs/Ubisoft..but you probably already know that.

It is not as bad as it may seem...any problems just PM me and I will keep checking for new PM's tonight and over the next couple of days.

Good Luck