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05-12-2005, 09:28 PM
I have taken to flying the 190 online frequently, my favorite version being the 190A9. Silky and fast ride and those powerful cannons hardly shake the plane at all.

But I have some questions about tactics. First of all, in general I do not have the patience to climb to superior altitude, find an unsuspecting victim, hit him and climb back again. I do like to get fast but I also like to mix it up, sometimes down low, which is where so many furballs end up.

My main question:
If I stay fast, say >440 Km/hr or so, is it true that the 190 will outturn most other planes, including Yaks, Spits and Las? I am pretty sure that someone posted a graph here a while ago that showed that. So does it make sense to turn fight with those guys as long as high speed/energy is maintained?

And on a related note, what is the best strategy to shake one of those high performance/high turning allied fighters when they get about 400 to 500 meters behind at low alts? (which happens often to me, especially when the melee is thick) Run away straight and fast, or make a steady high speed horizontal turn, steady high speed climbing turn, or do something else (diving is not an option at low alt)?

I prefer to not just have to run straight away, because that can take many minutes and leave you far from the battle.

I am afraid that people may say that boom/zoom is the only sound way to fly the 190, and that running straight away and down is the best way to clear your 6 in it...

05-12-2005, 09:44 PM
First I'll say that boom/zoom is the only sound way to fly the 190, and that running straight away and down is the best way to clear your 6 in it...

At high speeds the FW-190s do turn well, as a result of their light controls. I'd say 500+ to have any real advantage over anything. Thats assuming your enemy has a plane with heavy controls.

But if you're on the deck, a few seconds of turning will sap your speed to nothing. That allows the enemy to catch up, and you can't outturn them without massive speed (which you just blew). Whatever angles to gained initially will simply be made up by the enemy. Plus, you'll likely black out.

If you get someone 500m behind you on the deck, you can't do anything but run. If they catch you, you lose. Again, turning will just drop your speed. Plus, the enemy can then do lead pursuit and catch up even faster.

Climbing turn I wouldn't recommend, unless you are fighting a J8A or something. FW gets outclimbed by most plane of the same year, and climbing planes make nice targets.

If you don't want to run, run, and climb away, maybe just run until you're a few KM away (if you can). Then climb to 500m or so and do a split-S, and come right back at the enemy head on. Faster, and you'll usually win, if you shoot straight.

Also, you forgot one other FW escape tactic. Fly in the cloud.

If you want FW-190 style and control with actual performance, you might want to take the Ki-84 instead. It looks the same, rolls the same, has same engine power, armed to the teeth, but it weighs 800 kilos less.

05-12-2005, 09:54 PM
You CAN mix it up in a FW190 but there's a very specific way you have to go about doing it and it still requires to boom and zoom.

Those furballs that you find on some servers...you need to be about 2000m above them (which usually means climbing to 25000m which takes all of 1 minute or so). Look for guys leaving the circling battle...look for guys flying straight...or look for someone trailing a friendly that might be able to sucker him in for you.

Dive, attack, make a very fast pass...shoot (miss or hit) and break away and up. If you decide to slow down and try and shoot the bandit...he's probably better at turning than you and he's got you in a turn or two. So making the passes is how its done. However, the time between passes can be less than 15 seconds...you don't have to regain alt...just make the pass, zoom away, and use the momentum to wheel yourself down for another attack. You negate his turns partially by using this move and you're always above him and therefore in a better energy state.

I would recommend you start with the FW190A-6 or A-5...they are better at learning this...the A-9 is far too heavy. You need to be REALLY good at the A-5 and A-6 before you can fly the A-9 in a similar fashion. Then, if you want to take some chances, the D-9 is a better performer, but the cannons aren't nearly as good.

In any case, no matter what plane you fly...attacking without advantage (altitude/energy) means you're already flying at a fundamental disadvantage...or at least parity. You don't want to be there...you want to have advantage. With the FW190, since turning is difficult at anything but high speeds, you always want to maintain that energy advantage and be fast.

05-13-2005, 01:18 AM
There is a good set of guides on FW here