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09-10-2005, 07:17 AM
52 Zebra to IL-2 Pacific Fighter Designers, stand by to copy incoming transmission over. I have the full-blown IL-2, Pacific fighter expansion pack and I love it.
I also have some other WW-II flight sim games and they do not compare, Microsoft Air-combat ,Warbirds, Aces High, BOB,to name a few
I also have Microsoft 2004 and the radio air traffic control is awesome. I would like to see IL-2€s radio traffic be more like that. Anyway,
I have a request, a flyable P-61 Black Widow, flyable B-26 Invader and a flyable DeHavilland Mosquito.
What are the chances of that happening anytime soon or ever?
Keep up the good work you guys Rule.
52 Zebra over.

09-10-2005, 09:10 AM
Go to Olegs Ready Room and read some of the threads and posts there. You may just find out what is in store with the next patch.

And it is probably a better place to pay your complients to the man that started this all in 2001 with the relase of the first IL2 series sims called IL2 Sturmivik, Oleg Maddox. He like actually reads and sometimes, on occassion, participates in some discussions.