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09-22-2007, 07:02 PM
The application always crashes after the game starts 2-3 minutes. I have already shutdown the Virus Scanner before starting the application. I have also installed the most updated drivers and patches but the problem still cannot be solved. Very depressed...... Anyone can help me?

Crash log:

Crash in application version: 30621.2989

Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed.
This device does not support the queried technique.

Renderer: threaded
Physics : threaded

My PC Spec:
ASUS P5VD2-MX motherboard
INTEL Pentium Duo Core 2.8GHz
1GB memory
Nvidia GeForce 7300GS 256MB DDR2 with forceware driver 163.71 beta
SoundMax Integrated Digital HD Audio
Windows XP SP2
DirectX 9.0C August 2007 version
Ageia Physx 7.09.13
Graw2 patch 1.04

09-23-2007, 03:02 AM
Graphics Cards Supported:
Radeon 9700
Radeon 9800
Radeon X700
Radeon X800
Radeon X850
Radeon X1300
Radeon X1600
Radeon X1800
Radeon X1900
Radeon X1950

GeForce 6200
GeForce 6600
GeForce 6800
GeForce 7800
GeForce 7900
GeForce 7650
GeForce 8800

your graphics card....

Nvidia GeForce 7300GS 256MB DDR2

Sory but if it aint on the list then it` aint comming in mate..

09-23-2007, 07:19 AM
Pluse you need a mem update more ram brov, especially for newer games this year.