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11-06-2010, 07:24 AM
Let's review the Pieces of Eden.

The Shroud - Cloth which once covered Jesus Christ, Templars crucified him, stole the Shroud, Shroud was stolen soon after. Unknown whereabouts.

The Sword - Used by many (Jeanne de'Arc, Attila, Perseus) to grant superhuman abilities. Soon fell into Templar hands.

The Staff - Obtained by Rodrigo, taken from him by Ezio. I do believe the Assassin's have it? Not sure.

First Apple of Eden - Held by various Assassins and Templars, such as Altair and Ezio, Al Mualim and Rodrigo. Now lost in space after a satellite malfunction.

Second Apple of Eden - Not much is known, lots in the same satellite explosion.

Third Apple of Eden - Not much is known, but was held by several Templars.

Fourth Apple of Eden - Not much is known, held by Templars however at one point.

Fifth Apple of Eden - Retrieved by NASA (Templars by the way) on the Moon. Not much else is known.


AC2 ended nearing Dec 2012... the Templars are nearing the day they use the pieces. I think the Assassin's will win by slim chance, or will ultimately rise up. We'll see.

11-06-2010, 07:33 AM
There are more PoE's and you took it from the AC wikia, right?