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11-23-2004, 03:04 PM
In my brief time away from IL2, I have been occasionally going back to Medal of Honor, Allied Assault. I finished the single player campaigns with excellence, and have been playing multiplayer for some time now. However, I recently played a game on a server with over sixty people on it. Now, some of you, knowing MOHAA, know that it is unrealistic, but this was different than anything I have ever experienced. The teams were even for the most part, thirty on thirty, give or take a few on either side. When I first logged onto the server, I was sure there was going to be lag, but surprisingly there was none. As I pulled out my M1 Garand and explored the "destroyed Village" map, I saw extroardinary things. My M1 chattered off a few rounds into a lone German sniper and jumped out of the way of a Stilhandgranate. I took a right past a destroyed Sherman tank and found myself in a mess of 30 Allied soldiers, all with a mix of weapons, but it was so peculiar. Many of the men were all following one person. This seemed to be a very experienced player, taking a look at his stats, he had only been online in this server for three hours, but with his rifle he had found 100 kills, and had not yet died. He was dealing out tasks over the team chat. Sending task forces of five to seven men on patrols, THese patrols were beautifully organized. Each patrol had three riflemen, one or two Sub machine gunners, And a BAR man. They were led by the man with the highest kill count. Not only was this "leader" an incredible thinker, but he included everyone, which added to the immersion. He sent me on a patrol with 6 other men. We encountered little resistance, but the brilliance of his plans showed us we were on the right track. Many of the Germans were carrying the STG-44 assault rifle. Anyone that has played MOHAA knows that this weapon is rarely matched, and it takes skill to overcome. With the combined firepower of our 3 M1's, 2 Thompsons, and 1 BAR, we threw a hell of a lot of firepower into the Germans and escaped with our lives easily. Upon returning I found this "leader" giving more orders. Since I had done well on the last patrol, I was sent on a new mission. This time, the Leader had started sending out sniper teams. One sniper rifleman was sent out with another man armed with a lighter type weapon, like an M1 or Thompson. We were sent out with a patrol and left at a certain location while the patrol continued on. Our sniper mission was pretty uneventful. We were more of a "situation control" system. our position was stumbled upon by only a few men. I was able to pick them off with my M1 if they got too close. The sniper in my team picked off a few people at long range. Then finally a patrol came to escort us back. I was sent on a few more uneventful sniper missions, as well as a few more patrols.
All the while, the German side was just as organized, but less effective. They sent people only on one man sniper missions, two man patrols. There leadership was not effective, there was no definite commander for each patrol, and they were losing ground. Spawn points were being captured by the Allies ruthlessly. There was just more strength on the allied side. German STG-44's were being captured and used by the Allies increasingly as they picked up the weapons and dropped them in a cache for others to pick up when necessary. However, I thought quite surprisingly, the most sought after weapon was the Mauser KAR-98K sniper rifle, I guess it was lighter than the Springfield 03, which is also curious, because the Springfield is a direct copy of the Mauser. But anyway, As I slowly watched the actions on this 60 man server, things struck me as beautiful, and odd, and horrifying. I'd hate to say it, but the "beauty" of this warfare was hard not to see. THe teamwork, the effectiveness, all working in accordance with everything. The horrifying experience, of course, was being in this warfare, and the fear of getting shot. Obviously this was dulled down by the ability to respawn, or as we IL2 flyboys have come to know it, "refly." But still, seeing all those people united under one man, online, using teamwork to bring about victory, and trusting their teammates whom they have barely known for very few minutes.... It struck me as beautiful. This is something I have never seen in IL2, but think about the possibilities... We are on the way with servers like Warclouds and Greatergreen, and virtual wars, but is there a way we can do more?

11-23-2004, 03:29 PM

You just inspired me to re-install MOHAA after about a year of not playing it.
And man.. I even bought the Spearhead expansion pack but NEVER got round to installing it. Took me a few minutes to find, but it was hiding under the rest of my old CDs.

I can't wait to get back in there.. I always preferred MOHAA to COD, but played COD because I knew a few guys who had it.

11-23-2004, 04:17 PM
Very interesting post.

It certainly gets close to that flying in a squad with teamspeak (I need a new mic, argh!!!!).

I have a few nice memories, but I specially remeber this brilliant game when we split in 2, one group flying IL2s and the other escorting in Chaikas. The whole mission was beautifully choreographed thanks to the constant chatter on the radio.

But I see your point. One squad can't win a battle if it's not coordinated with the rest in a big master plan. We need our Hugh Dowdings perhaps http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

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