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03-17-2007, 03:56 AM
I have just noticed a seemingly strange problem with my Dgen (using Enjoyr's patches, maybe some other mods) - F6F-3's in pacific campaigns are always given a loadout of 6xAPHVAR's and 1x1000Lb bomb. This is completely independent of what the mission is, but I have only tested on the Tarawa campaign so far.

Can anyone point me towards which file I should change to correct this, since it is quite unplayable when the hellcats always act as bombers, even when on an escort mission.
So far I have looked at Tarawa.db, tarawared/blue.mis, andpacificplanes.dat, and have failed to spot anything obviously wrong.

Edit: It happens on different maps (e.g. Marianas), and also with the F6F-5.


03-17-2007, 04:31 AM
This should work, has for me in the past:

Go to your PacificPlanes.txt in your DGen folder (back it up first!), and find the plane you want to change. There will be a list of the loadouts for the role the plane is playing, ie:

Allies England CBomber F6F3 400 500 500 1x10006xhvarap 1
Allies England CBomber F6F3 400 500 500 1x10006xhvargp 1
Allies England CBomber F6F3 400 500 500 1x1000 1
Allies England CBomber F6F3 400 500 500 2x5006xhvarap 1
Allies England CFighter F6F3 400 3000 3000 default 1

The F6F is listed as Carrier Bomber, in 4 contexts, but carrier fighter in only one. Copy and paste the carrier fighter line over the other one/s, until you have no problem with the loadouts you want, or simply replace all the lines with CFighter instead of CBomber.

Don't ask me why they're listed as England, and my install is getting a bit messy, but the example should hold.

And if it really screws up, you can also go back to the original txt file.

I last used this to fly the Ju 87G in the Kursk campaign, instead of the divebomber.

Axis Germany DBomber JU_87D5 250 5000 5000 1xSC500_2xSC250 2


Axis Germany DBomber JU_87G1 250 500 200 default 2

03-17-2007, 05:06 AM
Thank you! That seems to have fixed the loadout problem - I think I also had to edit pacificplanes.dat, and set it to read only to make the changes stick.