View Full Version : Doesn't start on my computer!!

12-14-2006, 01:32 PM
Well, this suxx... I've just bought a new computer (mainly because Splinter Cell 4 didn't run on my old).

It's a:
GeForce 8800GTX
Intel E6600
2gb ram

The problem is that it doesn't start at all. When I enter the single-player-mode, it just get black for a second, then I come back to Windows again, but the wallpaper doesn't show. I have too open a window, and then the wallpaper appears.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm from sweden :P

12-15-2006, 04:12 PM
Well, it seems like we can't use both 8800GTX and a Core 2 Duo-processor... Too bad. I love all the other splinter cell-games, but this seems quite bad. Funny, a next-gen game that doesn't support a next-gen gfx-card.

Well, UBI, I hope you'll fix this! Seems like you need to release a big patch. Many problems there :P

Like I said before, plz, when developing Splinter Cell 5, take your time! Don't release a half-done game just because you wan't too release it early! I rather play a game that are released late but works, than a game that doesn't work at all.

Well, I can only hope on a patch that solves this problem.