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02-13-2007, 11:59 AM
I am new here, but I have been reading some posts here for a few weeks.

Let me introduce myself: I am a player of SHIII with GWX, a technical physicist, and I used to be a WWII Atlantic War buff (before I moved on to more interesting things). I play on 100% difficulty.

I have seen here in the community that SHIII is open to some modding, and that the models can be adapted to ones insights, and I am more than tempted to do some modding of my own to fix some pet peeves of mine. Of course, if any of my insights can be proven false, I would be quite happy as well.

Peeve One: Much like the U-Aces of the time, I often prefer not to use the director, instead working out a solution on my real-life not virtual notepad next to my keyboard. Sometimes I can get the TDC to give me the correct angle, but often I struggle to get the stupid thing to obey me, especially when I am moving. Is there any way to set the Schubwinkel of my torpedoes manually? I would love to just slave the Schubwinkel directly to my periscope, and use the director only for long-range shots over 2000 meters.

Peeve Two: Whilst setting up an attack, suddenly my recognition book showed me the internal layout of a ship. I don't remember if it was a pyro or a large tanker; what I do remember was that the engine room was in the middle of the hull, but the funnel was very much aft of that. That makes no sense. At all. Can I rebuild the internal layout of the ship models somehow?

Peeve Three: I won a gunnery exchange with a Flower corvette by landing 3 88mm shells on her. She exploded, burned and sank. That would never have worked in a million years. The destroyer gunnery is pretty poor, and the destroyers (which are designed for gun exchanges) are too vulnerable to incoming light gunnery. Where do I fix this?

Peeve Four: I hit fuel bunkers and they blow up. With a tanker loaded with aviation gas, I can understand a nice big mushroom. But a tramp steamer? Those things burn either coal or thick marine diesel, and that stuff hardly conflagrates, leave alone explodes. Can I thwart this?

Peeve Five: The torpedoes are too good. Even in the beginning of the war, my torpedoes run at *exactly* the depth I set them, with hardly any that are duds. Maybe one in ten. That is not what the TVA wrote. The torpedoes should make curves, not hold their depth (the electros should all run deep) and misfire all the time. About half at least. Where do I set this?

Peeve Six: My Flak crew doesn't seem to make the historical ratio of 10 planes downed for every boat sunk by planes. Not that big a deal, but the Flak gun does seem to be a bit cumbersome and inaccurate. Inertia is supposed to work in favour of holding the gun steady when the ship rolls, not the other way around. Can I change the inertia? And the gunnery skill of my crew?

Peeve Seven: I can't seem to break the keel of my opponents. When I take the risk of using a below-the-keel shot, I am only rewarded with a holed ship, not with a break. This sort of shot stresses the ship in a direction it is not too strong, but very stiff, causing huge structural damage. I am sure this must be editable, because I know it did work this way in stock SHIII.

Peeve Eight: Ships continuing to plod along with a torpedo in the engine room area. When you nail the engine room, the ship is dead in the water. Unless it's pretty well armoured, like a CA or BB. How do I fix this?

I realise that all these peeves might make me look like a negative nancy, but they are only things I want to improve on an already beautiful simulation. This and Aces of the Deep are currently my main wastes of time, although I'd drop both for a good Schnellboot sim! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

If anyone can point me in the right direction to solve any of these peeves, I would be most obliged.

02-13-2007, 01:33 PM
Welcome to the forums!
I'll try to help where I can.

1: when you go to the TDC, there should be a little switch next to the 4 dials on the bottom, to the right of them. click it to 0 and edit the settings, then click it back to 1, and it should start following the heading of your periscope again.

2: I was probalbly a pyro, because it's a new ship to the game, it might have some issues with that sort of thing.

3:chances are, you hit the ammo store, because I've never been that lucky.

4:Who knows? that tramp steamer might have been full of ammo, or something like that.

5:I dunno about that one.

6:If you give a petty officer the little Anti Air qualification in the awards part of the crew thing back at the office, he will be a better flack gunner.

7: GWX does make it reallt hard to break the back of the ship, if you want to edit that, get a mod called "Real Damage Mod" It's at subsim.com, in the downloads section. Or go into the Data file and edit the Zones file, I belive, thats all I know on that.

8: I don't know, some one else might.

Hope That helps, and welcome to the forums again!

02-14-2007, 03:43 AM
Thanks for your reply. The Zones file seems very fruitful, I just need to figure out what all the values do exactly before I start tinkering. The TDC trick is more of a problem, because it starts updating my solution if I maneuver, which is somewhat galling.

02-14-2007, 08:08 PM
The Zones file, I beilive that the numbers there are the percentage chance of scoring a critical hit to the ship. I think, you might want to ask around before messing with that too much.