View Full Version : What features do you like in Silent Hunter 3 and 4

05-03-2007, 10:04 PM
This is for fun, what features in these two games do you like and would love to see in a single Silent Hunter game? Also keep in mind only do features of the game, not features of how some sumbarines are, such as german submarines able to fire many torpedos at once, and open their tubes at once, unlike US boats. Also wish lists can be added (don't say bugs to be fixed)

In Silent Hunter 3.
The larger customability of sumbarines. Batteries, Engines, much larger connning tower upgrades, material to make your sumbarine less detectable. You all know what I mean, they had large lists of things even emblems.

Being able to choose your sumbarine buying it with reknown.

When only half of your engines are destroyed your sub can still move!

Description of torpedos and the better torpedo interface. IE being able to point and shoot. (I use the eyeing shot to sink so many destroyers after me and it's not funny how good I've gotten.)

Showing time to load torpedo not progress.

Able to see your ammo storage without having to be on the surface.

The ability to change the language of the crew. (I like hearing German)

Silent huner 4.

The damage system.

Showing damage such as holes and such.

The airplanes are much better done.

The greater range of use of guns, AA and Naval.

The crew system is much better done, and special abilities is nice. (I don't feel they are a replacement to custom your sub ability)

The enemy task forces are nicely done, not that I've seen SH3's task forces, they are harder to catch, but still think they added too many task forces.

The harbors are better done, and leaving/docking/refitting is a nice touch.

Side things.

I swear this was a Silent Hunter the original. Some damages such as poison gas actually happens! And if you get low in fuel in the middle of the ocean a supply sub can meet up with you to refuel you in the middle of the ocean.

A semi multiplayer connection with career mode. You always see you can out do the entire sub fleet in 1 patrol. People can exchange career tonnage info which updates accordingly to time of the year. So you can see your tonnage compared to other people who've played and even compete with yourself from earlier careers to do better. Give some real competition when in career mode and tonnage.