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08-09-2005, 08:35 AM

How about with a Type IIA??? At 100%????

I had 15 fish (5 for each patrol)and every one hit with only 2 fish fired in daylight at AN16 (I got that grid for all three patrols!!??!!) Some nights had no stars and I had to turn off all the lights to make out the bow waves and kept going back to hydrophones to verify where the ships was

On the first patrol I got a C2 a C3 and a small merchant. On the second I got a C3 and a small merchant and 2 coastal cargoes. On the last I got a C2 a small merchant and a coastal cargo and the last fish I put into a C2 and surfaced and made a contact report hoping the Luftwaffe would show up but they did not so I left him burning.
I will now buy a Type VII and see if I can keep the perfect string of fish hits alive.
The thing is that I needed to not only hit them but hit them right for 2 fish to take down the big ones. I simply only attacked ships I could approach properly. That is submerge in their path, back off and lay in wait so the made a 90degree pass and I could accurately fire to hit the engine room area.
Not long ago I considered manual targeting all but impossible. I assure you, anyone can do this if they practice and it is far more satisfying to do it when you can not make it any harder.


08-09-2005, 08:47 AM
Hi There,

Being a bit of a history researcher I have read countless books and accounts from U-Boat captains in copy form at the Greenwich maritime museum.

It was considered, for a "convoy" patrol, an excellent score if a captain got more than 8K in a patrol and 2 or more kills was considered excellent.

Well worth a visit to your local museum to read copies of logs or just books on the subjects. "The convoy Raids" is an excellent suggestion for reading. Can't remember the author though. It lists patrol details and kills for most of the patrols 1940 to the end of the war in GREAT detail, if only factual rather than "story" form.

Hope that helps.


08-09-2005, 01:44 PM
Thanks but I was more making a joke as I know some have played at 2% and gottem 100K on patrols so I thought I would set them up to pull their chain and they came to state how much bigger a score they had. Then seeing it was a typeIIA and at 100%, they would realize they had been had, joke wise.
If one looks at Ketschmer's score early it is easy to see how many boats went out and came back empty time after time. With RUB's RND file you can experince that as well. I know we are not real in that regard but in real life these boats did not evade 6-8 destroyers either.
Well I bought the type VIIB for patrol #4 and fish 15 and 16 each sank a ship while 17and 18 goy a Revenge class but #19 failed to explode on a little Greek tanker so #20 had to get her. Streak is over as while the fish hit, it did not detonate and that is the same thing.

08-09-2005, 05:09 PM
Set a trap? Boy, you get one response on your little thread then you go and blab your "suprise", thats genius.

Yen Lo
08-09-2005, 06:41 PM
Stink youve gone berzerk man!!!! So you gonna hang around then, or just check in and out, cause this place is dying anyway.
Look out man the trap hes trying to set is he wants to cry about you stalking him on the forums so he can get us banned. Oh well Ive got 3 fresh ip addresses hehe.

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Guys, I find you both amusing and do not believe you are malicious just a bit sporting in a way that is not PC. I am the last person to ever ask that anyone be banned for being a little weird.
I would have to ban myself.

Stand back, I am not kidding, I'll ban me, so watch it!!! (I think he means it!!! Won€t somebody help him!!!) (Poor take on Blazing Saddles when the Sheriff rode into town,)

It€s just I see these guys come on here and talk about their big scores and I thought I would catch a few when they came on to bash my meager 40K in 3 patrols. Fact is, no one cares. It€s a game


08-09-2005, 10:41 PM
The way that I try to play SH3 is progressing to a full 100% realism. That way when I hit a ship or sink it, it makes me feel good then just playing at easy settings. For me, 100% is as real as it will ever get. So far I am only two options away, manual targetting system and external view. Any1 know how to use that clock to calculate speed ?

08-10-2005, 02:41 AM
Originally posted by netherways:
It was considered, for a "convoy" patrol, an excellent score if a captain got more than 8K in a patrol and 2 or more kills was considered excellent.

I guess we are all heroes then http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif