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10-17-2011, 05:47 PM

After about 30 minutes of exploring the agency, I said,"Hey Jewel, wanna go to the mall?" "That sounds good. I need some new clothes." said Jewel. "Oh, and by the way Jenny, you have your first day of work tomorrow." As we walked out the door, apparently I didn't notice there was a big rock in front of my foot. So when I took a step, I fell. I didn't fall on concrete. Something worse. "MUD!" I screamed. I was covered with mud. Head to toe. I was a little relieved to see that I was wearing my overalls. I wasn't even going to wear them anymore! So, of course, I wasn't going to the mall covered in mud. So I went back to my apartment and grabbed a quick shower. After that, I put on my fave green and pink hearts dress, pink high heels. I put my hair in a ponytail and clipped my bangs back with my pink butterfly clip. In 10 seconds, I was out the door with my pink rose satchel and on the way to Jade Mall. When we arrived there, first we went to the furniture section and browsed around. I found this really comfy couch, but I didn't have enough gems, and besides, I came shopping for clothes anyway. Just as we were heading towards the exit, we saw our other BFF, Sally. She was examining this flat screen TV. "Hi Sally!" Jewel and I said at the same time. "Oh hey guys! I was thinking about getting this awesome flat screen... until I looked at the price tag." Sally said. "Take a look for yourself." Jewel and I looked at the price tag. We almost jumped out of our skins. " 20,000 gems? Who in the heck could afford THAT thing???" I said. "Probably a Diamond Member." Jewel grumbled under her breath. "Sally, Jew-Jew and I are going to the clothing section. Wanna come?" I said. "Well I would love to... but my dance lessons start in 10 minutes. Maybe tomorrow!" said Sally, running out of the store. Jewel and I headed for the clothing department. Inside,I knew there had to be the perfect dress. But where could it be? After about 30 minutes of looking through every rack and every sample, she found the most beautiful dress in the entire world! And it was on sale! It was velvety red, with little roses on both straps! It was perfect! Plus, It included a little rose clip and some red high heels, with a big rose on the toe part. All the same color! I held my new fave outfit tightly as I browsed the store a little more. Soon, Jewel came out and showed me her dress. It was a strapless aqua blue dress, with a little diamond in the middle in top, with ruffles all around the rim of the top. And it came with blue high heels with a diamond on the toe part, and a diamond hair clip. She said,"OMG!! I love your dress Jenny!" "Thanks! I like yours too!"I said. "OH!!! I saw a little hand purse that matches that PERFECTLY! said Jewel. She ran back over to the purses shelf and grabbed a little velvet red purse with a rose in the middle. "I think this was supposed to go together! It TOTALLY matches!" I said. Soon, we checked out. My dress was only 20 gems. Including all the stuff that went with it. I was so happy when I got home, hung my new dress in my closet and put my accessories in a little box. I lie on my bed and relaxed. It had been a fun and tiring afternoon at the mall.

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