View Full Version : GWX , I D/ld The Torrent And Installed..

02-20-2007, 03:26 PM
GWX , I D/ld The Torrent And Installed..

Ok not the best rig in the world,

P4 2Ghz
80Gb Seagate HD with over 20Gb of free space.

Now SHIII ran smoothly , ok I got broken sound could be my sound card or frame rate (not a techie) when ships blew up and slipt in half. Not that bad, and in the rest of the sim everything was smooth and fine.

I loaded in GWX and in my 1st mission (bismark) to try it out, the load bar got to about 90% and stuck there for at least 3mins if not more before the Control room came up.

Scanning round the CR was slower than in the default sim and when I blew up one of the British BB that were firing on the Bismark, looking through the Pscope it was near frame by frame.

So far I've only tried that mission, but the hit my rig took, in SHIII when mission were loading the load bar would stop about the 90% mark and then kicking about 30secons later to the CR on the boat.

Has anyone else seen the same sort of hit after upgrading from SHIII to the GWX?