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02-14-2008, 05:51 PM
I believe that many of us have not been able to understand the true meaning of video games. Therefore, I've made this topic for us to discuss in. Recently, I've found an article that explained clearly to me what make games art and what makes anything art, which can be found right here. (http://www.gamecritics.com/feature/editorial/videogames_art/page01.php)

Many of us think that the narrative is what drives it to being considered art, but it is truly the expression that the developer is trying to make of how it connects the game to either its members or the world. I think you'll find that I'm right after going through the article. Anyhow, I hope that this will be a pleasant topic for us to all discuss.

There is one more thing that I must say and that is the fact that sequels break the developer from making any new expressions. It is what drives a form of expression old and usually makes the sequels depend, on the form of experience, all based upon the first game. Rather than making sequels to care about making money for themselves, developers should express new meanings more often, in that they make IPs more often than sequels. Of course, I'll say that it is pretty unlikely that most developers will stop making sequels, just to give their own expressions and to innovate within a genre, but there may be some times when such events will occur. Nevertheless, we can all agree that video games are still in their infacy before they can be represented as art or before they'll ever truly work towards having people look at them and find their true meanings, not just to play them and be impressed with the developer's work, but to understand the developer that much more, knowing that there must've been some kind of idea(s) that lead up to such a game of its own.

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I think what gets some video games called "art" is the style of whole package. Remember Okami? That game was called art because of the graphical style. Shadow of the Colossus was also called art by some. This reason for this was also about style; the empty, expansive plains you traversed, the changing of the orchestral music to suit the overall ongoing mood, and the minimal amount of characters and story that the makers of Ico are known for. The latter might have been the most important, because it forces you to look at the virtaul world all by yourself and come up with your own conclusion of what everything stands for, which is what art is in my opinion.

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I understand why you think I wouldnt understand about understanding why game is understandably art, who wouldnt understand that? Game is art. Game game art game art art.

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