View Full Version : NPC SUBS not too smart....

08-14-2007, 08:20 PM
Note sure if NPC subs exist in the stock game, so this may apply only to GWX users.

I was on a patrol along the north coast heading to Murmansk looking for a fat convoy. As luck would have it I found one (even passed by an iceberg). I submerged and began lining up my intercept.

I use the external view a lot... not to help with playing but for eye candy... anyhow I was up checking the surface because I had also detected a stray contact and I was curious what was going on after hearing explosions. Turns out it was another german submarine... on the surface engaging some allied aircraft.

The uboat continued to fight off the aircraft and I think they got some hits in... they didnt down the plane but it left. The boat never dived not once.

Then the destroyer screen for the appoaching convoy peels off to take him out. The gallant kaelun STILL ON SURFACE heads straight for the two DD's and engages with his deck gun. At this point I started to LOL. It didnt take long for them to sink the sub.... (which does not sink btw... but just floats there unmanned)

I dont know... but if the NPC subs are not going to dive, dont sink... and suicide themselves... I'd rather they were not in there at all.

08-14-2007, 10:45 PM
They don't dive becuase they are stupid, but becuase this is a limitation of SH3 they can eitheir be surfaced or submerged