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01-16-2007, 04:01 PM
I was doing a quick harbor raid in my IXC in the port just north of Southend. (I can't remember its name and it is not on the map.) I found a coastal merchant, Small tanker, and T2 at the dock. However, the small tanker was on fire. It was listing to one side. I have never come across another ship that has been damaged without me doing the damage? (I am using the stock SH3 with 1.4 update.)

Any thoughts on why the tanker was burning? What caused the damage? Just curious.

01-16-2007, 04:10 PM
could be anything from an air attack to a glitch. I, like you am running 1.4b. I have actually seen a Luftwaffe attack, a single Luftwaffe plan attack a small fishing trawler that I was going to ignore , but I decided to scare the captain by coming within his visual range. However before I got within 1000m my watch officer yelled "aircraft spotted" so I went to PD only to see the poor fishing boat get bombed to hell and back.

01-16-2007, 04:17 PM
You mean the port in between Southend and F. of Forth?

When I normally see burning ships,it's because of friendly aircraft, but you were on central eastern coast of England, too far for friendly air support. Good question. Any other reason I can think of that does not apply to you is the 3 Wrecks mod, with fire and smoke, but you have no mods.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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01-16-2007, 05:26 PM
air raids<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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01-17-2007, 03:10 AM
I've also come across this in Curacao and Port of Spain, so air-raids could not have been the cause. Occasionally the game positions a ship too close to docks or sandbanks etc, thereby causing it to damage itself when moving (witness also the poor AI where warships will sink themselves by trying to reach you through dockside or jetties). The same thing happened to my Type IXD2 in Bordeaux, where the pen was too small for the sub!<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


01-17-2007, 03:14 AM
This issue has been well documented in the past and is in fact a bug with the lat and long co-ordinates for the placement of ships within the game.

The IXD2 issue was resolved by the big supermods and there is also a work around with modifying a certain config file.

Ships and smaller vessels can also be damaged and found in bizarre resting places within any port following heavy storms.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


01-17-2007, 07:57 AM
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