View Full Version : Super Impressed!

Unk Tob
10-27-2011, 07:05 PM
I've been an active supporter, and completely have Enjoyed Rock Band since it came out. (not so much in to Guitar Hero, since for me, it was too cartoony)I was a little skeptical about this game when it came out, since I think I've been doing pretty well learning guitar from Rock Band 3, with the Fender Squire Guitar/controller. Man, am I glad I decided to take the plunge and buy RockSmith!The Dynamic Difficulty makes a Huge difference! If I'm not doing well on a song, I don't feel all, "Oh Shazbot! I'm gonna get boo'd off the stage!" RockSmith just simplifies it a bit, and I keep on rocking!

Although, I can't see RS being all that great for the monthly RB parties type of thing, but I can see us throwing in RS for awhile during the RB party, and probably more people will give the real guitar a try.

BTW- Love the amps and pedals and stuff!! Wow! So freaking amazing! Oh, and man is it nice to be able to bend notes, add vibrato, and not be afraid to move the guitar at all, while trying to hold a sustain. LOL