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07-03-2008, 12:11 PM
I never got an answer on this one. Sound.act map crash bug. My game randomly crashs in the map view during time compression. The error report says Sound.act is aprently the route cuase. All my other games run fine on my CPU incuding SH3. So this has to be a problem with SH4, 1.4 patched. I would like a better answer then turning off the sound all together. The game is unplayible becuase I can't finish a patrol do to this. BELOW is a report left by somone else back in 07. Aprently this preson figured out temp fix. It dosn't work that well for me becuase my sound is built into the mother board 7.1 suround. So if I turn off the driver there is no sound.. Below is a report left by somone else back in 07. Aprently this preson figured out temp fix.

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mike561960 Posted Sat September 01 2007 13:41
I have had the same problem as others with crash to desktop (CTD) over the sound.act file and SHsound.act file causing a CTD. These errors with the faulting module sound.act has happened in versions 1.3 and 1.2 for me. Currently, faulting application sh4.exe, version, faulting module sound.act, version, fault address 0x00001dd3.
I did try other members advice by renaming file in question or deleting them from main SH4 directory or reinstalling the game with appropriate patch. I was trying to find a quicker solution than having to reinstall game or patches.

The game would crash at various time compressions used during game play. Actual time play was irrelevant. This has happened to me in many saves. Once I get back to main base, the problem disappears until many saved games later. Completely random. I use so many mods so it does not matter what mods I have used since they vary so much.

I have noticed the sound.act errors has happened more frequently in March or April 1943 and later. I used different subs. I have started careers completely over.


Solution: Temporarily disable the sound, video and game controller in your Windows device manager for your currently saved game. My sound card is Soundblaster 24-bit Live and an onboard Realtek AC'97 audio from VIA controller. The onboard sound is disabled. I disabled the Soundblaster card and used onboard sound and still had (CTD. I even tested the problem without the radio and gramophone. Still CTDs.

The sound controller under Windows XP is found by right clicking the "My computer" icon on the desktop or through windows explorer. Scroll down and click properties. Click Hardware tab. Click Device manager.

Now I was able to maximize time compression for what I set my game for and make it back to the home base with no crash to desktop errors.


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08-31-2008, 08:10 PM
My problem lasted with 1.4 and 1.5 patches no matter what mods I had or not. "radio station manager" finally fixed all problems. About 10 file entries from various radio mods would crash game.
I wasn't even running the radio which caused the sound.act crashes. That is the part that baffled me.
All is well for 2 months since using radio station manager. Thank you for the creator of radio station manager.

08-31-2008, 08:20 PM
Radio Station Manager Link

08-31-2008, 08:27 PM
Additional note - wrong words stated "radio mods". I was not using Jones Generic Mod enabler for radio issue that caused sound.act crashes. I just dropped radio songs into proper radio folders. Radio.ini file was not the problem.