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05-15-2010, 05:09 PM
Yesterday while on ING I noticed that SH5 had a rating of 5.2 out of 10, and players rated it as a 4.4 out of ten. When Silent Hunter 3 came out it got a rating of over 9 out of 10. Silent hunter 4 got a 8 out of 10 rating. And this is not with super mods or expantions, they just rated the stock games. SH3 and 4 with super mods like GWX and TMO what have gotten even higher ratings.

Im a huge fan of the Silent Hunter Series, it is really conserning becuase with ratings like that it may be the end of this series. My true belief is Ubisoft attemped to change a vary sucessful game template, simplify it to try and get a new audence of players. Take it from a nitch game and make it a main stream game. With more players they can make more money, and that is what this is all about. The only problem is thats vary hard to do, seeing that most people don't really care much about submarine warfare. Ubisoft needs to understand that Sub Sims are a nitch game, meaning that poeple who play it, like me are enthusists or geeks. The more technical and realistic the better. Alls they did was disapointed there hard core fan base and turned allot of new people off of it.

When I first played SH3 I was hooked, it was emersive and there were cool super mods. For a milatary history buff it was kind of magical. Same thing for SH4. When the news came out SH5 was coming out I was vary excited. Wow they really did it this time, I thought. When I first played it I was really disapointed. I was dispointed that the TDC was really dummed down. You could not really man the hdrophone stations. Crew managment was dummed down too. No graphone or radio. I rememember thinking to my self this cant be made by the same people who made SH3 and 4. Why take the good stuff away? Thats why we liked this series.

Well at least we still SH4 TMO of rant!

05-15-2010, 05:20 PM
We seem to be posting similar thoughts at the same time. I suspect you are right that Ubi wanted to expand the franchise and has obviously failed in their initial effort. I suspect some of the problem is, as you say, sub sims are a niche within a niche. Worse, this game came out in the midst of horrendously bad economic times in both the US and Europe. I'm gainfully employed and could afford (1) the game and (2) buying a new video card since my old one would run the game.

With respect to (2), I must point out that I don't think that Ubi's modifications made of SH3 to create SH5 were significant enough merit the more stringent system requirements. In bad economic times, how many people are going to have upgraded their machines enough to run the game? Frankly, I don't see that much difference in the overall graphics and complexity relative to SH3 or SH4.

Some of what has happened is the result of miscalculation and some - maybe even most - is the result of the global economic meltdown. This is not the time for a company that deals in games to be investing too much money and effort in a niche market.

05-15-2010, 05:54 PM
I fear the worst for Silent Hunter 5. It's taking on water, and the pumps are unable to keep up with things. Perhaps some heroic, emergency repairs can be applied before all is lost. We will wait and see.

In the meantime, all need not be lost for the Silent Hunter series. Ubisoft, pay attention, please.

You could start a new project and call it Silent Hunter: Reprisal. Save tons of money by basically re-releasing Silent Hunter 3 with improved graphics, but take this opportunity to fix the yet-unfixed problems of that game (like the type XXI). Also apply the new, improved graphics of Silent Hunter 5. Sell the game at a full retail price while only needing 25% of the investment.

Later, when you release this new SH6 title, you can regain some lost honor by waiting until it is fully tested and completely playable first. This will make you better than 99% of the other PC game companies in the world. Please do not sacrifice that new honor by urinating upon your entire playerbase via the unnecessary need for a constant internet connection. (Otherwise people like me will not buy it, and you won't make any money.) (It is okay to have -some- form of DRM though. Your honest players, like me, support that.)

If you need anyone to insult and ridicule you or to whip you into shape by keeping you honest and keeping the customer first, please consider some of the fine players that frequent these boards. They will do a good job, and the leadership and vision they could provide for you would be better than that you have been able to generate for yourselves.

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05-16-2010, 08:28 AM
Two things come to mind with this latest attempt at a Sub Sim...

1: As they have done in the past, they try to reinvent the wheel all by their lonesome, instead of picking the brains of those who know these sims inside and out. God forbid that they ask for input from the "players!" to come up with a "working" title. But, they seem to prefer marching to their own drum, to their detriment.

2: Screw it! I'm tired of wasting my thoughts on those who "think" they know what we want in a sub sim. Oh, wait, they could not care less what we think because the established fan base doesn't matter to them, as we are no longer part of the target audience they seek.