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05-30-2005, 05:50 AM
On my 8th patrol I finally encountered a convoy. It was protected by a sole V&W. Since the wind was 15m/s I couldn’t use the deckgun so I left the destroyer for what it was.
I penetrated the convoy from the front, submerged. The outer columns were all small and coastal merchants. The inner four columns were a mix of T2, T3, C2 and C3, both Pommies and Yanks. I still wonder what neutrals are doing in an enemy convoy.
The lead ship was a T2, followed by a neutral C2, and a Limy T3. I shot two front torpedoes at the T3 and the stern torp at the T2. The first front torp exploded prematurely, the second was a dud. There was just enough time to launch a third one. The T2 had exploded, the destroyer was closing in and so was the T3. From 400 meters I fired an eel which broke the tanker’s back. One torp left in the bow tubes. A small merchant showed it’s flank. That was the last maneuver it made.
I went to 30 meters, ordered ahead full, 180 dergees course change and reloaded. The crew worked frantically. The presence of a torpedo officer sure reduces reload time. The destroyer clearly had no clue where I was. At one moment it came to some 500 meters, gave me two pings and went elsewhere.
I went back to periscope depth, took a quick look and saw I was about to be rammed by a C3. a dive to 25 meters saved my boat. Back up again.
A C2 at 700 meters looked like a nice target. Fire one, fire two. One was a dud, two was another premature detonation. The guys in the front torpedoroom must have hated me for I inmediately ordered tubes one and two to be reloaded. Sure they were exhausted but eels in the tubes give the men more room to live.
As I was about to fire tubes three and four at the same vessel I saw a Yank flag. Faulty torps saved me from causing a political incident. I lined my boat up with another C2 and fired tubes 3 and 4. Both hit and the freighter went down like a brick.
In the mean time tubes one and two had been reloaded. I relieved the exhausted crew in the bow torpedoroom. Engineroom crew was pretty dead beat as well so I replaced them too. I swung the scope around and got yet anoter C2 in view. I fired the last two front torpedoes but the ship zigzaged so both missed.
I still had one torp in my stern tube. There was a C2 at 165 degrees, just steering starboard. I fired tube 5 and it was a hit in the propeller. There was no time to check if it was sinking for the destroyer came straight at me at full speed. I gave orders to dive to 50 meters and steer South. About an hour later the convoy was some 5 K away so I could surface in order to bring the external reloads in. Soundroom informed me of a staggler so I steered towards the reported location. The worn out crew still had two more hours of hard labour. Felt kind of sorry for the guys.
The staggler was the C2 I last hit. The ship was in perfect floating condition but the prop was gone. Without propulsion it was a sitting duck. By the time tube one had been reloaded I had the boat lined up some 700 meters from the ship, surfaced. Fire tube one and a minute later a huge explosion was followed by the beaking of the C2. She went down slowly.
With only one torp left in the stern tube I decided to keep it for a lone ship and headed back to base.
With some 37K tonnes sunk it was beer for all.

06-04-2005, 12:43 AM
were the neutrals legit targets since they are in the convoy?


06-04-2005, 04:13 AM
Originally posted by sdcruz:
were the neutrals legit targets since they are in the convoy?


No, neutrals are neutral until like 41-42 ish...im not sure and cant remember...steer clear of them until at war with them then they are not neutral...sinking any neutral can seriously put a dent in your renown......

06-04-2005, 08:52 AM
Thar be a tall tale fer tell'n at the pub, !aty.http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif.Arrrr