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05-08-2008, 07:21 PM
Other than the people gripping up here.. I actually like the game.. ok so some spawns kill you and it does suck... but adds to the game, well kinda...

anyhow my only few problems are bug related.
1. Cant get P.E.C. to work - I would really love this

2. Profiles... multiples like in COD4 is really my #1 but P.E.C. seems neat...

3. Spawns - ok maybe not right in front of you... I had a guy spawn right in front as I was running and he shot as soon as he spawned.. maybe a radius spawn where they cannot spawn within so far of open space???

4. when you host for friends.. the ability to password protect the game so you dont have to kick people when you all get online

5. more than 4 people in terrorist hunt... we have 4 of us with R6V2 and 7 of us with GRAW2 and 6 of us with COD4 so you figure out what game we play when it comes to it...

6. this is way down here as it goes with the profiles... shouldnt have to wipe your character to get back to edit some of your features... if you change your face on your P.E.C. (Which I cannot do) you should be able to swap out the face without having to loose everything like your weapons and stats!!!!!

however there is a really cool feature that this game has and I really dug it until my guy got wiped as I was trying to get PEC working...
and that is... when you pickup a gun that you havent unlocked yet... you can play with it online and story mode as long as you dont get rid of it...
I already had the desert eagle and FNC (think that was it) and only had 1400xp!!!!!! SAWEET!!!!

ok that is it for now..
I dont mind comments in here... really I dont but please.... 1. keep it clean. 2. dont rable and just make stupid comments... if you want to add to the list... go ahead...

<span class="ev_code_red">[CONTENT REMOVED] What he means to say is keep it mature.</span> ==> HAH THE MODS DO PERUZE THE FORUMS!!!! nice...

05-09-2008, 11:02 AM
Oooohh, constructive criticism. Can I play?
Ok here goes(by priority):

1. More in-game monitors to kick out folks with the mean and hateful comments.

2. Skill based rank matches, making it more fair for everyone. (Nothing looks more sinister then entering a match only to find 5 Elites sitting on the same team waiting for prey to fill the other team roster.)

3. Ummm, I'll get back to you.. Oh the spawning thingy I guess.