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05-24-2006, 07:25 AM
im mybe gonna have another pc.
is there anyway to move your carear to anoother pc. which files/folders???

05-24-2006, 10:00 AM
There is an SH3 folder under my documents. Just move the whole thing. It will save your setting, the fact that you have completed the turorials, and your captain.

Later on if you don't have the same mods you can go into the SH3 folding and move just your captain back. This will give you a fresh SH3 where you have to set everything but your captain will still work.

05-26-2006, 07:13 AM
do u have to overwrite the folder with the old one???

05-26-2006, 10:25 AM
Originally posted by general_kalle:
do u have to overwrite the folder with the old one???

No, but if you don't you lose the info on how you did with the training missions for example and you will have to do them again to gain the renown bonus. Also you lose your preferences and the pop up window defaults for when you site a ship.

Alternativly you can inspect many of the files in the folder with notepad and find the file for academy training scores (I think it is name NavelAcademy.log) and just copy that file over.

You can do the same for gameplay settings etc..

All you have to do to restor your old captains is to copy that captains folder inside the careers folder.