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Captain Burlingame, commander of the USS Silversides in 1942, was on patrol with his sub off the coast of Japan. Coming out of harbor was a pair of freighters, a tanker, and a destroyer. He quickly ordered a fast track to intercept the small convoy and press home the attack.

Reaching as good a position as he could get her Cap'n Burlingame ordered periscope depth and proceeded to raise the scope. As the scope cleared the surface he looked through the scope and the command crew heard him yell 'What the hell?!!!!' When asked what was wrong Captain Burlingame told the crew....'It seems we have a Japanese flag tied to the periscope'. Undaunted he pressed the attack, sank one freighter, damaged the other and the tanker, and barely got deep enough in time to avoid the destoryer's DC attack.

Upon finally eluding the destroyer the USS Silversides surfaced and found they had snagged a fishing net. Tied to a float of that net was the Japanese flag which had neatly attached itself to the periscope.

Story from : Last Patrol by Don Keith...ISBN 0-451-21951-1. It is the stories behind all the museum boats surviving in the United States.

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