View Full Version : Enemy AI, are they sometimes too smart?

03-29-2006, 07:57 AM
Ok here's the situation i set up, in one of the missions when i had to place C4 on an an anti-air bunker, I left my ghosts on the hill just to the right of it covering it on recon mode, and I sneaked around to the left.

When i was in position and hidden, i took the ghosts off recon and they opened fire on the site. But rather than me picking off the straglers or the enemys hiding like i was planning on doing, the enemy immediately opened up on me as well as my other ghosts, even though i was hidden at distance and had not revealed myself?

Even though 99% of the time i have found that the AI is spot on and i can sneak round them and take them out as i please, sometimes i have found they are too smart for their own good and not let me play as tactically as i want, like you can in splinter cell for example.

Anyone else found stuff like this?


03-29-2006, 08:06 AM
yeah I know what ur talking about,, you can have ur guys on a hill freaking sraying fire lead in every direction and the enemys will track you down qicker then your goasts... Idk they do this to tell you the truth... the way it should be is if your prone on the ground or ducking you should be really hard to spot unless you just got done fireing your weapon... I guess it also might have to do with the level setting you have it on.. if you have it on like hard ( hardcore difficulty ) then it might be a little but more harder to go without being detected... if you know what I mean.

03-31-2006, 04:42 AM
There are also a lot of scripted moments, where the AI will always shoot at you when you reach a certain spot. You will have to play those moments out the same way every time you reach that spot too. I don't think Ubisoft Paris has a clue about ghost recon.
Anyway, it's also frustrating when you use suppressed weapons and the AI are on you like flies on ****. And don't anyone give me that same old response "they communicate". I fully realize this, but I can drop a small patrol in a couple seconds, all headshots, no cries for help, and I will have to fall back and prepare to take on those who run to where I shot from.
You know what they remind me of.....the Borg. You kill one and they all stop and turn toward you, lol.