View Full Version : Settlers 7 - Ubisoft Game Launcher: error code 1 ( in english )

04-20-2010, 06:42 PM
Buy by the system (STEAM) the game "Settlers 7."
Me on automatically the STEAM (digitally) and settled.
The first time you run it gave me the following error, "Ubisoft game launcher: error code 1" and sack to me out .- Just in case you restart the computer and turned to run and I enter ... start campaign mode and then the first steps I said something like he had lost the connection to the server.
Sali game again, you uninstall it and pick up the backup that I had generated the STEAM to see if that's ... but not now reboot, I did turn off all the variables and nothing ever sent me the first error "ubisoft game launcher: error code 1."
A strange issue is that at no time during the game (when it worked) asked me the Serial Number .... ?

On the other hand I comment that I have created the user for Ubisoft (ie I could create).
In all these tests I was always connected to the internet.

Thank you for your prompt response.
The product you buy 17.4.2010