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02-28-2011, 12:38 PM
Feel free to check out our website at www.332viking.no (http://www.332viking.no) and feel free to apply to our squad by our apply link there

The following is to be met for Joining our Squadron:

* You have to be 18-years of age or older!

*We don't have rules for when you shall attend, but we expect that for joining our fine squadron you should general have time to attend with the Squadron on a regular basis. That means in general that you can at least attend 1 Squad night/mission pr. month!
We are looking for pilots who are looking for a serious squadron to be in who also have the com men interest in WWII aviation and its history, as by having interest for flying these planes on the net.

* We don't mind competitive spirits as long as a certain goal does not become the focus of why you are flying, such as attaining a certain number of kills in one sortie. We look for members that are willing to give up a kill to go save a squad mate in trouble and are wiling to fly together as a squadron and work together as a team!.

* You have to attend at least 5 squad nights before you will be voted on and accepted as a full member to the squadron by the other members!. If you don`t show up Regularly on the 5 first Squad nights/Events with the Squadron, you will be ejected from the Squadron with no warning!!, because we then assume you are not that interested to be a member!
NB:The 332 Viking squadron is both for Veterans or new pilots, but we are looking for team players and members that can attend with the squadron. If you meet the above and can accept our Rules, you are most welcome to apply.

Kind regards

GA, 332 Viking Squad

02-28-2011, 12:59 PM
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