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10-24-2008, 04:55 PM
i was reading an article in the newspaper the otherday saying that apple have not been affected by the credit crunch and that they have 25 billion safely tucked away in their corporate bank account according to ceo steve jobs...

however i have a question? , if they have all this extra cash stashed away why not use it to train their incompetent technical staff , ive just upgraded my phone to the 3g version of the iphone as much as i love it i have had no end of problems with it due to its glitchy software , after 2 exchanges i was finaly advised to download the 2.1 apple software which worked fine fo a while but now the problems are starting all over and all i keep getting is why dont you resest the handset time and time again. apple staff are are driving me nuts , if anybody on here has the iphone are you getting the same problems , or if any post them here.