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10-30-2009, 08:33 AM
Alongside COJ (BIB) I also participate in Flight Simming (although not that much now I must admit since BIB came out) and use a thing called Hyperlobby. If you are looking to join a server containing some of your mates, it is possible to click on the "room" that they are playing in and quickly see the list of people. Furthermore by selecting their nick onto your "Friends List" they are automatically identified by Hyperlobby as being on line and if so where they are in order to join them.
I know that this is perhaps technically advanced at this stage, but do Techland envisage adjusting their currently planned dedicated server or for that matter the servers list that shows for COJ now, so as we can see who is playing in what game. If not yet thought about, could I put it up for possible consideration for the future.
I know that their is the "Friends Messages" already within COJ with a join game facility, but you never know when someone has come on line as it works in Hyperlobby.
It saves bouncing in and out of the servers, and avoids missing each other in a server you may just have visited. Furthermore the flood of messages back and too within the game must have some effect on Frame Rate for those receiving a message whilst they are in a game.

10-30-2009, 10:51 AM

I know the application to which you are referring to and use it all the time to join my squad mates in IL-2. The Hyperlobby system has been around for years and really works well acting as a interface between hosts and players. I agree with all your comments and if I add the fact that you can announce your server in the chat bar to invite players which also is a good feature of Hyperlobby.

Most of the Squadrons (Clans) that are in existance today in IL-2 are thanks to the Hyperlobby system and comms channels like Ventrillo or Teamspeak. They have been essential in keeping IL-2 in its 6 or 7 versions alive and well played for over eight years. Thats what I call good customer retention. By the way IL-2 is another Ubisoft game (sim)

Bilbo if you want to check out a good well run and very active squadron check out this link


11-03-2009, 10:27 AM
Hi Clint
Thanks for the support on this and thanks for the info re TTangmenre Pilots. I took a look at the website and was very impressed. So much so I think I might give them a whirl. What Nick do you fly under there.