View Full Version : [PS3] AC:R Multiplayer Clan needs new members

12-21-2011, 05:52 AM
Hello fellow assassins. I am a multi gaming clan leader, but I am also a huge assassin's creed fan. I have played all of them, and really enjoy the multiplayer of Revelations. If you feel like this too and would like to be in gaming clan to play with friends, and have full access to a sweet website with a strict assassin's creed area only, with forums and members rosters, with high ranks available, then please head over to our clan website and fill out the AC:R recruitment form @ www.clan-xcdx.enjin.com (http://www.clan-xcdx.enjin.com). We also play MW3, BF3 and Fifa 12. Also if anyone knows any AC gaming leagues I am most interested so the clan name can get on the leaderboards. Hit me up on PSN add Ainger25uk