View Full Version : Ranked Server Abuse Already!

10-28-2008, 04:31 PM
OK, so after 3 days of managing to connect to a multiplayer server (I won't go into that here as there are multiple threads already).

I join a ranked server called NDE server (unfortunately I'm unable to give an ip as the ranked servers are listed by map name). I'm merrily playing on for 10 minutes and get the 5 minute warning. Then 3 minutes later I get the 2 minute warning, nothing strange there. 10 minutes later and the map is still on? So I look at the scorecard and it still says there's over 10 minutes remaining?

I question the 2 NDE members playing and they say they have extended the playing time! They're in no rush to finish as they are on the same team and top of the list. I wouldn't mind if it was unranked (their server, they decide) but it wasn't! I ended up having to take the penalty for leaving a ranked server, before the end of the game!

This has got to be a major bug. Allowing a server admin to run a ranked server and give them the option to constantly extend. Players then get penalised for leaving before the map ends?