View Full Version : ACB Escort 4v4 tournament SIGNUPS OPEN

06-26-2011, 08:35 PM
The Outcast Templar True and Permitted team(Zoidberg747, Vivat Insurgo, Shaded Flashx, and Ihatetwinkies47) is hosting a 4v4 escort tournament on FraggedNation:
http://www.fraggednation.com/t...escort-4v4-open-3042 (http://www.fraggednation.com/tournament/xbox360/assassins-creed-brotherhood/ACB-escort-4v4-open-3042)

It is best of three games each round, maps all pre selected by me(It was completely random,I tried to include very map at least once).

Team signups are currently open, I put that you are required to have teams of four because I thought that would make it fair.

Please PM me with any questions/concerns thanks-Zoidberg747