View Full Version : R.U.S.E For PS3 Freezing!!!!

02-20-2011, 12:50 PM
R.U.S.E For PS3 Freezing and machine having to be restarted!!!

i'm on PS3 and i've already completely restored my machine to factory settings(restoired Hard-drive) and yet, it still freezes on R.U.S.E and it always freezes preventing me getting any gameplay at all...So Fricking Angry!!!
please message me at Gmanji@ICQMail.com

You've obviously Released game too early but still got everyones money and now cant be arsed fixing the problem!

*Why is there not yet a patch out for this problem or ideas on how to fix this???

please keep me posted if you actually work it out because ill never buy another ubisoft game if you dont!!!