View Full Version : 5760x1920 multi screen support, please.

09-15-2011, 09:53 AM
Hello, I have bought the game and really like it but it seems that the 5760x1080 rez is not supported for the car driving parts even though the same game engine Chrome 5 supports the rez in Dead Island.

The game initially works fine, and actually forces me to use 5760x1080 I can not even change the resolution(unless I disable my two other screens). The problem where the game fails is when you drive in the car then its just a black screen and un playable and you only have sound and see the quest marker.

If you guys could just fix the car driving section(and I don't mean the first scene that works fine when you a just shooting) its when you have to drive to your first location or any other driving parts where you drive. Any section where you drive does not support he resolution 5760x1080.

I am not asking for a FOV and UI fix for I can do that manually like in Dead Island. But I have no ways to fix the car driving parts.

Fellow gamers please replay with a [yes, please support mult monitor support] to help the cause, thanks.