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12-15-2006, 12:22 AM
The paint scheme community is very much exited about the screenshots of a Spitfire and a Hurricane from the upcoming BoB. It seems we?ll get an unprecedented level of details, which we are very happy for!

In several interviews, Oleg has stated that the new skins will be in separate layers, one for basic paint, presumably one for markings (like in FB/PF), a dynamic layer for weathering and finally a top layer of panel lines and rivets. In this way, making new paint schemes will be very easy, or as Oleg stated it in an interview with Mysticpuma: ?Everyone can be a skinner!?

The paint scheme community wonder which of the layers will be possible to skin or turn off:

<LI>The paint layer obviously will be skinable, and we assume the markings layer can be turned off as in FB/PF, but what about the weathering layer and panels layer?

<LI>Will the dynamic weathering be possible to turn off for low-end systems?

<LI>Will we be able to make personal weathering-layers?

<LI>What about the panels layer? Will it be skinable?

The Paint scheme community is very much aware that BoB:SoW is under development, but we would be very happy if someone from the development team could give us some thoughts on what layers they intend to make changeable.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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