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08-16-2010, 06:19 AM
Can anyone help explain how to use the pattern-running torpedoes like the FAT1 in the game? I know in "real life" the use of these weapons required modification of the targeting systems. I tend to let the crew "automatically" handle the setup of all my other shots {I'm Lazy} so is there a simple, straight forward way to explain how to set up a torpedo shot at a convoy with a FAT1? Is it worth the trouble? Is it reflected fairly realistically in the game? This is the first time I have survived long enough to use one of these and if its different from the conventional ones I want to try it. Thanks To All who can help/provide links etc.

08-16-2010, 09:41 AM
Hi MikeOster

the FAT are fun to shoot but you have to work a checklist to use them effectively. They are designed to use for convoy attacks. Zoom out the TDC screen and study the results of your tweakings when switching the different settings.

By default a FAT is set to 2500 meters running straight and slow, then starting its ladder search - 800 meter loops to port (iirc).

Before you shoot a FAT make sure to be in good position ~ 80 to the convoys course and in front of it. The FAT turns along its inicial running path to either port or starboard - whatever you choose.
It is important to more or less know the distance the torpedo has to go before it runs the pattern search program.

Use the impact only pistol to avoid premature detonations and a depthsetting ~ 3.5 to 4.5 meters to ensure they can hit any merchant above their rounded hull section.

Choose speed, running depth and pistol as usual, then switch to the FAT settings.
Decide how far the torpedo shall run straight, which direction to turn (into the convoy or with its course?) and how long the loops/legs of the search pattern shall be (800 meters are good for a few columns, 1600 meters for 4 and more columns).

Remember the speedsettings limit the distance the torpedo will run. A medium speed setting and a turning point after 7500 meters will not work.

The FAT are good to shoot from 5000 meters or more - you don't have to aim perfectly, but you have to have a good idea of the distance to the convoy. A slow speedsetting enables more loops in the convoy.

Get used to set all tubed FAT to 12500 meters while leaving the harbour - it pays. And remember to do it again after reloading a FAT.
It's uncool to use a FAT as regualar G7a but forget to switch its distance settings. Happened to me not only once.

Good hunting, Herr Kaleun!

Edit: I love to F12 to the convoy and watch the bubble trails running around in the confused herd.

08-17-2010, 01:47 AM
Thanks for the response Mittelwaechter. I know I'll sound dense but to initiate the attack do I target a ship on the far side of the convoy? If so, is the goal that the torpedo hit that ship and the pattern running phase is a "back-up" measure? Is there a minimum/maximum launch range? You mentioned 12,500 meters as a good setting. I assume that means the total distance the torpedo travels. You also said that FAT's are good to shoot from 5,000 meters or more. Does that mean that they start their loop patterns after they miss the ship and/or run 5,000 meters? Finally, if the aiming point IS a ship, do you aim at a ship in front of the ones you really want to hit or aim at a good target and hope that you hit any ship as a secondary goal? Sorry, I know this must seem obtuse on my part, but I do better when I can exchange ideas in conversation. I'm having surgery in a few hours today so I'll have to wait to see your response, so thanks in advance.

08-17-2010, 06:05 AM
You are right, the pattern running is a back up feature. You may use the FAT as a regular torpedo - aim at a ship and try to sink it. If you miss the toepedo will turn and come back to reengage this ship or an other ship that is around.

To hit a certain ship you have to be quite near for a reliable torpedo solution. In later war the convoys are well guarded and the escorts are competent and have first class equipment. Closing in a convoy to pick targets may be an one way ticket.

You may want to make good use of your stand off capabilities and shoot more 'shot gun style' from far outside.
Aim for the convoy and let god decide who's to be sorted out.

That's what the FAT was made for.

The range limit for a FAT is identical to the range limit of the torpedo type.
A G7a FAT I runs 12500 meters maximun at slow speed - changing the speed setting reduces the range accordingly.
(medium speed good for 7500 meters, fast speed good for 5000 meters)
A G7e FAT II runs 5000 meters maximum - that's fixed, there is no speed switching.

The pattern search is included. You may set the straight running range of a slow FAT I to 8000 meters and the search pattern will run for 4500 meters (8000 + 4500 = 12500). YOU program the range the torpedo shall start its pattern search.
You are free to decide within the limits by speed setting. Therefore you should have a good idea of the real distance to your targets.

You may want to aim for a ship of the outside column of the opposte side of the convoy - a clever tactics at night if you are quite close ( - to pick a certain target - ) to the convoy and you want to fool the escorts. A hit on the far side of the convoy makes an escort of that side to search for the attacker. If they didn't see the bubble path, they may think the U-Boot is on their side and leave you safe on your side (it really works in SH3).

Generally it is a good idea to "aim" for the middle column, because the search pattern reaches both sides of its path and the chance to hit something is 'doubled' (well not in mathematical terms). It gives you more tolerance in estimating the distance. (Or you ask your weapons officer to cheat the correct distance. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif )

If you are close enough to aim for certain targets you should do so and try to sink them directly.
In this case the procedere is as usual - aim for what part of the ship you want to hit. Make sure the pattern starts behind the target - the 'running straight' setting is most important here.

If you didn't change the original FAT settings (by excitement to engage the "Hood" right now!) you can't hit her at 3000 meters - the default setting for straight running is 2500 meters. Your torpedos turn before they reach the Hood.
Make your FAT allways a regular G7a/e - change the settings intentionally for an attack. You keep at least its usual torpedo function if you have to react quickly.
You'll run into these situations and you will remember my advice. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Good luck for your surgery!
I hope you are in good condition right now.

08-22-2010, 08:09 AM
Thanks Again, Mittelwaechter. I'm going to try these methods as soon as I'm up to standing watch in the conning tower again. Surgery seemed to be a success {they let me come home} and thanks for your good wishes. I suppose I should have asked this earlier, is there any in-depth coverage of this topic, to include diagrams, in either SH3 or GWX3 files? I found one brief section in the GWX3 manual, but it didn't come close to supplying the information you gave me. I just wondered if maybe I overlooked it. Thanks, MikeOster

08-22-2010, 11:35 AM
Hi MikeOster

nice to see you're doing well.

I'm not aware of any manuals or tutorials dealing with the FAT or LUT topics.
Maybe some other Kaleun aboard will post a link.

Feel free to ask whenever you stumble over problems with these eels.