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02-23-2007, 04:08 AM
SH Com: Have I Done Something Wrong?

1. I had SH3 1.4b
2. I added GWX
3. I added GWX 1.02

And then later I installed SH3 Commander, I clicked of the set up icon and there was already a path there, and it installed itself into ..

Program Files/SH3 Commmander , I then installed the SH3 Commander update cfg files into the cfg folder. That done I open up SH3 Com and clciked the box for ship names and hit Apply. I then started a new game and lunched using SH3 Commander ..

But I don't see any ship names against the ones Ive sunk?

Before anyone asks , no I didn't have any other mods installed all I had was SH3 then added GWX and updated that .. Before installing SH3 Commander..

I thought it must be working for when I quit our of SH3 , up pops this grey coloured legend, about hope you enjoyed playing SH3 via Commander or something like that and do you want to Rollback or have to Rollback .. Do you have to do this Roll back every time you come out of the sim?

02-23-2007, 04:26 AM
Not sure if you've done anything wrong, but I must have done the same.
I tend not to worry too much as everything else is fine, but if you look in your profile on commander opening page, it will load your personal profile and give ship names there