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06-21-2005, 05:09 PM
Got your package today. Installed fine, no issues

v4.01m- Wow, it's a very different thing

Couple observations- I had to put some filtering on my pitch axis to negate pilot induced oscillations (bobbing up and down) on the runway in an H81A-2

H81A-2 lifts off by itself easily now- before I kept flaps up for max speed on takeoff and would only lift off at high speed (by choice, it just seems to have simplified matters). Now it flies itself off the ground. I dialed in some right rudder trim, brought the throttle up smoothly and steadily, she stayed reasonably straight. No duck walk anymore

Less rudder input is required to start a co-ordinated turn quickly in the H81A-2(I was in the habit of kicking the rudder a fraction of a second before I banked). Now I roll, and add rudder as needed. More realistic, I should think

landing- still a breeze (many hours in this bird), but the feeling is of a much more controlled final approach to me. I had to really make control inputs before to line up perfectly on a short final, and it seems now I don't. I don't know what to make of it, but I got to 80 mph with flaps full down, undercarriage down before I fought a stall, which it seems is pretty good- I haven't checked my ref material but it seems right

Stalls and spins- plenty of warning, and I can actually produce a stall or spin by control inputs at speed- which, my understanding is- possible in the real thing, altough I haven't managed a 'tumble' yet

The H81A-2 has more weight in it's feel to me. Not ponderous, but it feels like you're coaxing it around. I suspect this might be because of rudder trim. Roll is still fine, though

Aerobatics- wingovers are more touchy. I think I will play with rudder inputs a bit. But now, I have brought the plane to a standstill in a chandelle twice, with no control loss. Turns on a dime in that regard. Pop the rudder over and bring the throttle up, no problem. Plane seems to get pulled left at the top of a loop. I'm not surprised, actually, this seems more correct.

Fighting- I managed to chase down and destroy a veteran Ki-43 that gave me engine damage at low level. Low speed handling of the H81A-2 is improved. I wouldn't call it maneuverable at low (150-200mph IAS) speeds, but it's more forgiving. Nice warning of a stall, and quick rudder and throttle inputs save you. I just kept the Ki under my thumb

Enemy AI-

will try to fool you now http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif is he out of control, or suckering you? I have seen both a few times in the 10 1vs1 fights I've had. Enemy will play chicken though- I have been hit three times out of ten by an enemy plane, on the wing.

Gunnery- a bit harder, which is good. Controlling the nose is more difficult in terms of yaw- this I blame on rudder inputs from me

In my small amount of time playing, it's evident that your controls are quite important. if the planes feel weird or you feel you're over-controlling, try some filters on your joystick input settings

06-21-2005, 07:36 PM
Glad you got it and are happy with it.

I agree with everything you said. I had my problems with the FMs at first but now after a week I'm pretty good at "FLYING" it where I want it to go.

I usually fly Luftwaffe because the red of the distance markers shows up better for me when I'm scouring or tracking an enemy. So being Luftwaffe friendly I employ BnZ tactics. When you experiment with the control inputs BnZing is VERY VERY stable. It 'feels' better than previous patches)I love it.

Coordinating turns now feels so natural I wonder what I did with out it.
(Tho it's funny when I flew R/C control I rarely used rudder unless a specific manuever required it.)

Anyway, I'm glad you got the patch finally.

06-21-2005, 11:46 PM
(Tho it's funny when I flew R/C control I rarely used rudder unless a specific manuever required it.)
Interseting. I never thought of this before.

Scaling the air dynamics (I could never spell aerodynamics). Birds and Insects don't have rudders...even the Big birds that can match a good RC plane. But then they surely have much greater wing and tail control fidelity in the muscles and feathering.

The tiny whiny engines probably put out much more propeller thrust/torque ratio, so they don't have much torque.

Just making this stuff up the last minute or two.