View Full Version : Updating your PB server to 1.65

07-10-2008, 02:55 PM
Im sure many of you have had the issue of people getting kicked by punkbuster when running a PB server. Here is the vista method for manually updating PB.
In addition you should seek out SCE-soultear's post on adding cvar checks for weapon alterations as i have caught a few people attempting these changes in TH...yup thats right, we actually have people trying to cheat in terrorist hunt http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif
1) Download PBSetup for windows from this link:


2) Create a directory like "C:\Program Files\PBSetup" and move pbsetup.zip to this location and decompress/unzip it. Any folder will do, at any location.

3) Run PBSetup - (Recommended) Create a desktop shortcut to pbsetup.exe from where you downloaded and then double click on the icon.
Use the location c:/user folder yours/documents/mygames/ubi/vegas2

In addition, be aware that PBSetup attempts to locate the installation directory of any game automatically. It does this using a series of "game hints". The "game hints" can be registry entries, hardcoded directories, or system environment variables. Although PBSetup currently detects the game installation paths well, there is a chance that we've missed some locations. If you find that PBSetup does not automatically find your game installation, please fill out a trouble ticket and let us know. Please include the game, your OS, and the complete path to your PB folder.