View Full Version : JGSME info for mods

07-09-2006, 04:11 PM
Ok, for those of you who are having a time installing mods, and can't figure out why nothing works, try this.
Example using GW mod,
- Unpack as per instructions into the new folder on your desktop that you ceated.
- When you unzip JGSME, copy and paste it, through explorer, to C:\programe files\ubisoft\SilentHunterIII.
- When you enable JGSME, do it from SHIII - not your desktop.
_ If you have followed the JGSME instructions properly, you will now have a mods folder in which you will copy and paste the new folder ( that you created earlier) into the mods folder.
-JGSME will now have greywolves as a mod, and you can now enable it. Be prepared to wait a while as GW supermod is quite big and will therefore take sometime to load up.
When you start SHIII, after the movie, you should see the Greywolves splash screen.
Remember, it is easy once you realise that JGSME must be started from within the root folder of the game you are modding.
Good luck kaluens