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Teddy Bar
08-15-2006, 06:30 AM
The NYGM AI Fight Back Mod v1 is about beefing up the guns used by the AI. With this mod you will find that your u-boat is now relatively fragile. We have added new ammunition to the game and assigned these to the aircraft machine guns and the elco€s machine guns.

Enemy guns are now to be feared, even those of the aircraft. All machine gun hits will damage your u-boat and have a high chance of also removing hull integrity. The Elco's 20mm cannons will quickly tear your u-boat to pieces.

The Hurricane will now be a plane that should be avoided as it will now 95% of the time use the machine guns when attacking! If hit you could find you have at the very best only incurred a small amount of damage and at the worst a sizable amount of your hull integrity.

We have also reduced the ammunition carried by the aircraft. The Hurricane no longer 5000 rounds per gun, but now has 450 rounds per gun. The Bomber's machine guns have now been reduced from 5000 rounds to 1000 rounds per gun.

I will be seeking to address the balance of the planes toughness to their new found effectiveness. To address the ineffective guns on the aircraft that allowed the player to basically stand and fight them at will with little regards to damage etc the original NYGM Aircraft Damage Mod toughened up and removed some damage zones along with giving the planes a very high HP so that they could only be shot down with hits to very specific parts.

Now that we have addressed the aircrafts inability to inflict damage by creating new ammunition and assigning them to the aircraft€s machine guns and also at the same time doing the same for the elco€s machine guns and in addition the changes that now have enabled the Hurricane to ALWAYS use its machine guns, I am now seeking to re-address the aircraft damage.

I have made the planes more damageable without making them an easy target. If you do not manage to damage a key area of the plane, such as an engine, wing, rear tail etc you will still be able to bring down the plane by hitting it enough to remove all of it's HP.

The aim is that should a player be either willing to risk the high damage/wounded/dead crew or be caught unable to dive to have a slim chance of bringing down a bomber.

In my most recent test in which the liberator bomber made over 8 passes before I eventually shot down the bomber. But in the process I lost 2 officers and was left with only 38% hull integrity.

I am very excited about this latest development as a whole package. I see that the aircraft will be something to be rightly feared but at the same time something that with luck, a good hair day or Saturn being aligned with Jupiter that the player might be able to bring one of these beasts down, but at a price.

In addition I have also adjusted the aircraft maximum visual range down from 12,000 to 9,000 for a bomber and 8,000 for the fighters. This is a game balance item in that the player will get notified on an aircraft at 11,000 metres (a NYGM mod that changes it from 7000 metres); this means that a player, will for the most part see the aircraft first. Depending on the situation a fast acting player may be able to dive and before the aircraft sights him and thus escape being attacked.

NYGM TW 2.2 coming to you very soon...

08-15-2006, 08:32 AM
Sweet I love your mod, it's the way the game should have been out of the box. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

08-15-2006, 03:51 PM
Yes, this is a great mod!
Thanks a lot for some of the best work for Silent Hunter III ever!
"I only got here by standing on the shoulders of giants." Sir Isaac Newton.

Teddy Bar
08-20-2006, 07:54 PM
I wish to clarify that we are representing is battle damage from the hits that your u-boats receives. The more hits your receive the less structurally sound your u-boat may become.

The NYGM AI Fight Back Mod has no instances of bullets 'penetrating' the u-boats pressure hull. You will not have any bullet that will penetrate the pressure hull which as a result would make it impossible for you to submerge. This will never happen.

If you are hit and receive damage that removes Hull Integrity then you will still be able to submerge. You may get some minor flooding at worst, but your pressure hull is never 'holed'.

For the most part few bullets will cause any loss of Hull Integrity, however it is a variable and as such each instance is unique.

As far as Hull Integrity is concerned in its simplest form, the total remaining HP from the original HP value. To explain further, if the u-boat has 300HP @ 100% then when the u-boat has been damaged and has 200HP the u-boat will have a Hull Integrity of 66%.

To further clarify, NYGM have made several 'shells' and each aircraft can use one or more of these shells. That is, we can assign the shells at the gun level.

We have exciting and scary planes for some late war planes....

Historically the Hurricane was tested with 2 Oerlikon 20mm canons in early 1940 and due mainly to lack of ammunition and feed issues was not implemented. Then they tested 4 Hispano Mk. II 20mm canons and after modifications this was the configuration used.

The NYGM SHIII Coastal Command Hurricanes are those early test machines.

Mark IIA Series arrived in October 1940 mounting twelve Brownings or four Hispano cannons.

I hope that this addresses any concerns.

08-20-2006, 08:30 PM
TB, in understanding how a boat works, if the outer hull is breached, and the pressure hull is not - you may be able to submerge, but getting back up again could be a worry