View Full Version : When can I move to St. Nazaire with the 7th, and upgrade my sub?

08-26-2005, 09:35 PM
I am in my first career, and it is July 1940. I am with the 7th Flotilla currently in Kiel. I am running a VII-B sub at the moment.

I am curious as to when I will be able to relocate from Kiel to St. Nazaire with the 7th. At this point in the war, St. Nazaire belongs to Germany, and it is actually showing up as blue on my "In-Game" map. But, I am still stuck at Kiel. When I go to the transfer screen, it does not give me an option to transfer to another base within the 7th Flotilla. It only gives me an option to transfer to another Flotilla (1st or 2nd).

Do I have to put in for a transfer to St. Nazaire some other way? How much longer do I have to run out of Kiel? Things are getting pretty boring on this side of the Atlantic if you know what I mean. I am getting tired of running all the way up north of Norway to see nothing, and then having to come back through north of England to get a few ships.

One more thing, when can I expect new subs to start showing up as being available to me for upgrading too. Like I said, it is now July 1940, and I am still in a VII-B, and I am not giving the option to upgrade to a VII-C. I do not intend on upgrading to a VII-C (I am going to save my reknown for an upgrade to a IX series sub later in my campaing when it comes available over in the 2nd Flotilla), but I am curious as to why I am not being giving that option.

Just a brief explanation of how all this works would be great. I have searched the forums, and looked over a few manuals, but it is still not clear to me. Based on what I am reading, I should currently be giving the options to upgrade to a VII-C, and to be able to move to the west coast of France with the 7th.

08-26-2005, 10:02 PM
It just so happens I just got transfered to St. Nazaire from Keil on my last mission. It was in September 1940. I am being given the option to upgrade to the VIIC now also.

08-27-2005, 04:10 AM
Thanks alot HW3. That should explain it. I guess the 7th did not start using the VII-C until around then, so the game (or Rub1.43) is being rather historical as to when it makes new subs avaiable to you.

Thanks for the reply.