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05-19-2006, 06:40 AM
I agree with the idea that the Stronghold was the greatest castle in the previous Heroes episodes, so it was a huge disappointment for me to see, that it had been simply "left out" from this episode. It's almost like Lord of the Rings without orks. So I sincerely ask everyone to help drawing the attention of the creators to this.

Here's some info, about how I think it should be like:

Level1: Goblin upgraded: Hobgoblin
Level2: Orc upgraded: Orc chieftain (axe throwing)
Level3: Troll upgraded: War troll
Level4: Ogre upgraded: Ogre mage
Level5: Cyclops upgrade: Cyclop kings
Level6: Rocs upgraded: Thunderbirds(strike attack or something like that)
Level7: Behemots upgraded: Ancient behemoths

05-19-2006, 06:53 AM
So you want the H3 stronghold back with one unit exchanged and another two trading levels?

Wouldn't that be a bit... boring? If they go for stronghold, I hope they make a stronghold of their own instead of such a copy. Throw in a frenzied gnasher, or bring back the H2 wolf, something to make it less xeroxed!

05-19-2006, 10:46 AM
I'd like stronghold back, but lets make it a little more interesting... here is an idea. I suck with names, so Ill use simple forms for the names to give you a general idea.

Level 1: Goblin Archer (Ranged) upgraded: HobGoblin Archer (Ranged)
Level 2: Orc Warrior (Melee) upgraded: Orc Rider (Melee / Rides a small ground creature)
Level 3: Troll (Melee) upgraded: War troll (Melee)
Level 4: Ogre (Melee) upgraded: Ogre mage (Spell Caster / Teleporter)
Level 5: Cyclops (Ranged) upgrade: Cyclop kings (Ranged)
Level 6: Orc Winged Rider (Flies on a Wyvern) upgraded: Orc Battle Rider (Flies / stronger version)
Level 7: Behemoth upgraded: Ancient Behemoth

Basis of the town is it is Orc based, and Orcs command the various creatures who are not Orcish.