View Full Version : Smart people need to help us 'we aint smart' people

05-03-2007, 12:55 PM
My smarts are confined to 'what does this button do'. I blame my parents. Anyway some mission ideas:

1. Picket line. Midway, Phillipine Sea, Java,
Port Moresby.

2. Get the SOB shelling Santa Barbara. Anyone ever tried to get this guy? You get the radio report of the shelling. Is this Japanese sub really there or just radio traffic?

3. Makin atoll raid. Need NARWHALS for this to make it right. But maybe a little creative simmer out there can figure out how to make it.

4. Get MacArthur out. High tail his fanny to Brisbane with the Japanese looking for you most of the way.

5. SOS.....Sep 10 1944, SS-383 USS Pampanito torpedoed a convoy of allied POWs on their way to Japan. When she realized what she had done she surfaced and put out a general call for rescue. Several subs rushed to the scene to pick up survivors.(one of the many tragedies of unrestricted sub warfare).

6. The train...the train! A US sub (can't find name reference but was in Last Patrol by Don Keith) was harbor hunting when she noticed a train pulling onto a dock full of troops. Three torps into the dock put an end to that train.

Feel free to add suggestions for mission editors/artists. Us dumb people will send money. Lots of money.