View Full Version : kids dont try this at home

03-14-2008, 05:30 PM
back up,back up,back up...
i hear it a lot,and now i know why.
i was intalling another campain into my game(more straight down)when i noticed that the sraight down folder was in the wrong folder(in ua and not in un)i have allready finished sraight down and was looking forward for the 2nd part.
i played a few missions from msd then thought,just to have everything in the right place,i would just take sd out of ua and put it in its rightful god given place in the un folder.easy.no dramas.even i could do that.
it worked.
i have never played online,all my flights have been ofline campains.lots of them.my campain screen had no less than 9 100%finished campains that you could check rosters and war diarys ect.
now its all gone.blank screen promting me to start a new campain,becouse thaere is nothing else there.
i go back to my il2 files and all the records are still in there,just not it the game any more.
just writing this as a heads up.dont change campain folders around after playing them.
the game still works,all campains and missions still work.im grateful for that.
just thought i would write this down for you guys.its not often i screw up and know exactly what ive dont lol.
ps; i didnt put sd back into the ua folder to see if it all goes good again,its in its place and i will make more numbers to look at.