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02-05-2006, 05:21 AM
I noticed that in the online community manual that it pointed out the best places to hit ships either at the engine compartment, fuel, or ammo bunkers, if it is a warship. But how do you go about aiming for a specific place? Do you have to be in manual targeting only mode, or is it possible to aim with the periscope when it is not locked on the target?

02-05-2006, 06:16 AM
This works by itself only when in auto-targeting. It is possible to aim at these zones in manual mode, but you must know where to aim and be pretty good at manual targeting. I suggest you try auto-targeting until you are really good at the game.

To "light up" the vulnerable zones of a target, you must be within 1000 metres of the target and as close to perpendicular [90 degree angle] as possible. The zones will be indicated as boxes for areas such as fuel bunkers or engine room. Click on the zone you wish to target, make sure your torpedo tube doors are open [Q button, or go to tower above command room and manually toggle the tube doors] and fire when ready. If you forget to open the doors before firing, there will be a delay of about 3 seconds before the doors open and the torpedo is fired. This often results in you missing the target due to the delay; the ship will have moved for three seconds, throwing off the firing solution.

There is a mod available which shows you the hit zones. I think it is called Merchant Vulnerability Mod, or something like that. This mod shows the various zones in colour in the ship recognition manual.