View Full Version : Weekly orichalcum quests disappear after clearing a location

06-19-2019, 11:34 AM
Hi there,
as per title, I first encountered this issue whilst playing yesterday.
It was the weekly 40 orichalcum quest, and having still an abundant hour before it would refresh, I thought about taking it easy on hunting down the last few of those damned athenian marksmen.
I didn't realize straight away that the quest disappeared,and I definitely hadn't completed it by mistake because I received neither notification of success nor any reward.
I assumed I was mistaken on the time limit and let that go.

Today, on the other hand, being that the quest shall be active until next week, I was quite baffled and astonished to relize that it once again disappeared without a trace while it was my active quest.
But one of the things I had noticed is that it disappeared from the screen at the exact moment I cleared a fort. Thinking of it, the last time it happened I also had just cleared a location, the Lavrio's mines.

It isn't a biggie, but it sure is frustrating, even more knowing that it's already 80 orichalcum down the gutter and I'll have to wait till next week, if this **** doesn't happen again.
Regardless, I'd be quite curious about knowing the origin of the problem.

Take care, and if you could solve this it'd be cool

06-21-2019, 12:52 AM
Hey GabbiaDeMatti!

I thought that issue was resolved the last I knew about this. I don't suppose you have any video footage stored at all of this do you? If you do, would you mind sharing it with us? I will ping this to the Odyssey team regardless to get it looked into.