View Full Version : possible ctd in 1.2 be warned

05-09-2007, 01:43 AM
i was quite upset last night when i found out the most recent three saves all gave me a ctd(SH4 has encountered a problem and needs to be closed) after loading. I was entering osaka when i found a convoy, so i tried to follow it. I had 3 save files with the convoy in sight, and since none of these saves worked, i thought it was the convoy giving me the ctd. So, i load up a even earlier save and it worked. then, tonight, after i'm done in osaka, anotehr save gave me a ctd again, without that troublesome convoy this time. I jsut want to know, is everyone having those unpredictable ctds or jsut unlucky me. I havn't had so many ctds in 1.1

Something else i also noticed. when i started teh patrol, i changed my deck gun from stern to bow, but there is a wierd bug that i later found out that the bow deck gun didn't show up in my crew-management screen, only AA. which meant i had to manually use the gun because i can't appoint crew to use it. then, after i save and load, i found i had 2 deck guns showing up in my crew screen!? but still can't appoint crew to handle them... This never happened to me before, and it may well be the bug that caused me all the ctds. It's the first time i encounter this bug. So, if u see anything wierd like this, don't start the patrol, load another earlier save. or don try to change ur deck gun. Sign... UBI ruined lots good games in past 12 months.

05-09-2007, 06:12 AM
Ugh sorry about the deck gun. However, saves have always been funny in SHIII as well as IV. I saave on the surface, with no other ships or planes around and far ways from any ports. NEVER save near convoys or task forces.

05-09-2007, 08:21 AM
Something you might try.
I recently defragged my hard drive and immediately started getting CTD's. I couldn't hardly play for 10-15mins w/o one. So I uninstalled (told it to keep my saves however) then reinstalled and have not had a CTD since after hours of play. Havnig it keep my saves allowed me to continue my career right where I left off. YMMV, but I'd give it a shot.