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05-01-2007, 10:13 PM
There are a couple of simple game play issues I have for the game, that don't seem to appear in the manual.

First and foremost, I'm curious about what it takes to actually sink a ship. For instance, should I countinue to torpedo, or shell a ship until I get the message telling me the ship has been destroyed? I am kind of hoping that given a little time, to conserve ammo, some of the ships will sink on their own.

Second, I don't recal seeing statistics for maximum depth on the subs. This is a problem for me, because I always seem to dive beneath the maximum depth, which causes the sub to sink. I get no warning, and at somepoint, there I reach a critical depth where I can't stop the sub from losing anymore depth.

Lastly (for now,) I'm curious about damage control. I don't recal seeing anything really about this in the manual. I'm not sure how, if its possible at all, to assign priority to tasks. That, and I can't tell what is being worked on and what isn't. Am I missing something?

Also, is there anyway to increase the crews efficeny/decrease their fatigue?



05-01-2007, 10:25 PM
1. Some ships will sink eventually, but for right now, most don't so stay after them until you get the ship destroyed message.

2. If you have patch 1.2 installed, there is a red arrow on your "deep" depth gauge, that's you safe diving depth. You can exceed it to a degree, but not by much. If you have been damaged, that gauge will not be accurate any longer.

3. When you go to battle stations (general quarters) your damage control crew is active. Click on the DC screen from the management screen and you will see the repair priorities on the bottom. Drag and drop items onto the list if you want them to get attention sooner. For example, you probably want to work on damaged bulkheads before you worry about getting the radio fixed. While you are submerged, you can't fix anything on the outside of the boat such as deck guns, etc, so make sure they are at the bottom of your list.