View Full Version : PvAI

05-04-2019, 05:49 AM
I really don't understand why the development team is so against rewarding this mode. I understand that it's easier and a lot of people use it to farm orders but reducing rewards or removing them entirely in a game mode you offer feels bad and sends your pve community a terrible message.

Ultimately, you guys want this game to make money and possibly fuel the future success of the franchise but at this stage of the game, this reward nerf feels more like bad faith and punishment than it does incentive to pvp.

Personally, I've been playing this game pretty regularly since beta and I mainly pvai because I'm to old to enjoy being t posed and penguin walked on by death balls. I don't have the time to bury 100s of hours a week to git gud but I love the game despite the devs best efforts to make it a joke.

Stop trying to force people to pvp. If you're going to, then make arcade mode fun and rewarding. You're disinterest in improving and enriching bot AI is why pvai is easy and in arcade mode the bot modifiers are just there to mask your ****ty bots.

Other game designers can make challenging pve modes with out them feeling cheap.

Is there anybody on the team actually working to improve pvai and arcade or are we just moving numbers around at this point?